About Us

Our Vision

  • Create a messaging/social media app that keeps you connected but, fully cognizant of your presence at a particular location where you find yourself.
  • Create an app that provides you with easy access to all the information you may need or want at a particular location to have a fulfilling experience.
  • Invent a communication medium that allows you to filter out and channel your incoming social media content, saving you from the constant barrage of messages and posts that are mostly irrelevant to your current location or activity and therefore distracting you from what's most important - the HERE and NOW.

Our Mission

  • Create a social platform that encourages people to interact with their surroundings, discover new places and activities; meet new people and enjoy outdoors.
  • Allow people to create valuable but self-limiting interactions; to know intimate details about your current location, keeping you at the moment while giving you valuable information on what the place has to offer.
  • Allow people to engage and connect with family and friends in a more meaningful way.
  • Create a social platform that allows exclusive access to any shared content only at a particular location to enhance user privacy disabling access to all your public posts, content, and location.
  • Create a social platform that helps local businesses connect better with potential customers and help users easily find what they are looking for.
  • We do not collect or use personal user data as a monetization tool to target ads or for any other purposes. You own all your data and privacy is our priority. User data will be used only to enhance the user experience.