Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is stash messenger?

Stash is a messenger and content sharing service designed to reimagine the way we communicate and interact with each other. In current platforms, content is shared commonly through instant messaging or posting on personal profile.
Stash is designed to create an innovative way to communicate and share things with others while discovering new places.
Stash your media content on a real-time world map for it to be discovered only near that location. Stash unlocks exclusive access to location relevant content posted by your friends and general public based on your location.
This is how it works:
Stasher pins a message on a real-time map. Intended recipient recovers it from where it was placed.

Q. What is so innovative about it?

Stash creates a new category of communication by letting you share location specific contents meaningfully. Instead of posting content on your profile or sending it via instant message, Stash allows peer to peer messaging as well as sharing of digital content by stashing (tagging) it to a specific geolocation on the map that is most relevant to the information being shared. Once you stash it, the recipient can discover (recover) the message only at the location on the map where it was placed to make the greatest impact and value as intended.

Q. Does location really matter when communicating?

The problem our society faces today is not how to communicate but how to filter the abundance of communication and receive the most critical information when and where it is most relevant.
Try sending a Jesus sermon to your friend via a message. They might think you are nuts. Instead you should just stash it at the church or the cemetery and share with your friend so they can get it when they end up over there and don't question your sanity. How about a particular meal recommendation at a restaurant or share your liking to someone, they might not tell u but in that moment they don't care to know and you are probably actually interrupting their busy day or distracting them. Why not just stash whatever it is at the location and share it with people you care to share it with so they receive the message at the right time and place when it actually matters. Had a shitty experience at a retail store or a hospital. You can't go around sending details to all the people you care about. Stash your message or picture right at the location where its relevant so if your loved one ever ends up there they can know exactly who and what to be careful of.
These are just a few examples to show that where the information is received matters greatly. Stash optimizes the relevancy of many messages and at the same time creates a whole new category of messaging possible that was not possible because of lack of context in existing communication technology.

Q. How is Stash different?

Stash is a new kind of a messenger service. It allows you to stash your messages and media content at any location on the map to only get discovered at that place. Now you can share with meaning the location specific content to make the most impact.
Unlike other messaging and content sharing platforms, Stash is redesigned (built from ground up) to create self-limiting, valuable, and relevant interactions while encouraging you to explore the world.
Discover a new thrill in communication with location sensitive content sharing. Stash allows you to share content at a specific location privately with your friends or with general public giving them access to the content only when they are at or around the location. You can think of it as a virtual board or a box where everyone can post and drop content but it can be seen by others at that location only.

Q. What are the main functions of stash?

Experience communication in an exciting new way with stash. Following are some examples of how the app could be used.
1. Exclusive access to content stashed where you are
2. Leave stashes for your contacts and/or general public anywhere
3. Discover new places, things to do and what others are doing around you
4. Discover who, among those you know, has been where you currently are and if they have stashed anything there
5. Find deals and special offers from business in the location
6. Enhance privacy related to people not being able to access all your content but only seeing stuff you left at the particular location when at the location

Q. What can I do with stash right now?

Stash your own pictures, recommendation, or anything you want to share at any place for your friends only or for everyone when they are at the place.
Ever been to a specific place and wanted to share a memory or a message for someone specific or general public. Now you can! Just stash it at that location and it will be viewable at that location only.
Ever been to a place and wondered if anyone you know has visited the place. Now you can find out by seeing if they stashed and shared anything with you or general public at that location.

Q. Is the data saved on my phone?

No, Stash is a cloud based storage service and therefore stores the bulk of its user created data in the cloud.

Q. How safe is my data?

Experience complete privacy and security as your content is exclusively only available to view at the place where you have stashed it, keeping entirety of your profile personal and inaccessible by anyone except yourself.
We do not collect or use personal user data as a monetization tool to target ads or for any other nefarious use. You own all your data and privacy is our priority.