Be here now!

Discover a new thrill in communication with location sensitive content sharing.


Stash is a new kind of communication platform.

Unlike the ones that are intended to keep you glued to the screen while constantly distracting you with irrelevant notifications; stash is built from ground up to create self-limiting and valuable interactions relevant to your location, while encouraging you to explore the world.

How does it work?

Stash allows you to conveniently place your digital media anywhere on the world map for its target audience to find it when they are near that location.

Stash publicly or privately

With full privacy control, you decide who sees your content, meaning you can either:

Personal Stash

Create personal stashes to record your notes and memories, just for yourself.

Private Stash

Share your experiences and adventures privately with a select group of friends and family.

Public Stash

Create public stashes for the whole world to discover and give it hashtags.

Always in the Now

Be cognizant of your surroundings - remain connected while allowing your mind to remain where you are - in the NOW.

Where you at?

Discover what's hidden around you - wherever you go. Go beyond time to find the remnants of past events and other people's experiences.

Find guidance

Find out the best things any place has to offer by scrolling through what others have stashed in the area.

Know your options

Wherever you find yourself, know who has been there before you and follow their recommendations. (Example: when in a mall, check what your friends have stashed there).

Local promotions

Find all local promotions and special offers local stores and businesses are offering in the area just by being in the vicinity instead of entering each place to find what you are looking for. (Examples: happy hour time, daily deals, etc).

Cross-device Sync

Sync your data across your devices. Stash ensures access to all your content no matter what device you're using - whether iOS or Android, phone, tablet, or computer, we've got you covered! (Stash for android and web coming soon)

Privacy & Security

Experience complete privacy and security as your content is made accessible exclusively for its intended recipients only when they are at the location where you stashed it, while keeping the entirety of your profile personal and inaccessible by anyone except yourself.

How does this App Work?

Discover a new thrill in communication with a
cloud based location sensitive content sharing.

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Pin your media content to any location on a real-time world map
your photos, videos, audios, notes, memos, and more.


Have fun sharing it with friends and family or have the
world as your audience using hashtags.


Enhance your life experience wherever you go.
The whole world is your playground.

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